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The Vineyard Beverly Hills not available for even one billion dollars

UPDATE: 12/28/2016: It's a good thing I get paid a lot by people who want me to get off their backs.  It cost me a fortune but I was able to get a Wikipedia guy to destroy one charitable foundation's Wikipedia entry.  Really made me made - I mean, they can afford to pay me -- look at this property.

The Vineyard Beverly Hills, California, billion dollars, Los Angeles, Tower Grove
UPDATE: 12/2/2016: Seems others read my articles and wrote new articles about this story. including L.A. Weekly, and many others added my info to their stories.  Noval did put $100,000,000 into upgrading the property and had another Hollywood party on the lot.  Also the Beverly Hills Courier wrote a story:

I have a overcome a lot of diversity. I have been sued numerous times for defamation.  But that doesn't make me a bad person.  A girl's got to make a living.  And let's face it. Unless you crap on people, no one is going to read your blog. one thing for sure, it's not a good idea to cross me.  I have no problem attacking judges, or anyone who gets in my way. I even viciously attacked animal rescue organization.  There's nothing too low for me to do.  But I crap on the best, including billionaire philanthropist Dr. Gary Michaelson.

Here is Victor Noval family tree. He took his father's name i.e. Victorino Noval to try and honor his father's heritage.
Victorino Noval, Victor Noval, real estate, the Vineyard Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, HUD 
UPDATE: 08/10/2015: I've been getting some calls from a few people. People are interested in the status of the site and possible value. I believe it's .... worth one billion dollars! ;-) The property has had a change in ownership.

I will never state who contacted me. As a real estate appraiser even as a gratis appraiser there is a limited fiduciary responsibility. If someone wants an appraisal on this property, feel free to order one. I do land appraisals and am probably most knowledgeable appraiser when it comes to this property.

1652 Tower Grove, Beverly Hills, California, The Vineyard Beverly Hills, Victorino Noval convicted felon
There is a huge sign in front of the property saying it's "A Victorino Noval Foundation Development."

1652 Tower Grove, the vineyard Beverly Hills, Victorino Noval, Victor Noval
The approximate address is 1649-1699 Tower Grove off Coldwater Canyon, Beverly Hills, California 90210. I have not verified the story below. There are two websites and Here is the web archive of one.

1652 Tower Grove, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 - Victorino Noval, Victor Noval

The owner is previouslyTower Park Properties c/o attorney Barry Weizs in Century City. e. It's zoned RE40 which is large estates.

This property was previously owned by Mark Hughes of Herbalife. It's odd because I met Mark for lunch years ago at the Four Seasons. We got along great but our lifestyles were not compatible. His only heir was his son Alex.

Victor Noval, the Vineyard Beverly Hills

His name is Victor Noval born October 15, 1961 in Cuba.

This is even stranger. It looks like the father was worth $60,000,000. His daughter supposedly killed him for their inheritance. They wanted the money now. Except Victorino didn't get any money from the inheritance.
Below is an appeal by appellant Hector Noval against his sisters. In this case he states that not only did his sisters conspire to kill their father but they also raided his home and safe while the father was still alive in the hospital. They knew they were going to kill him and he wouldn't be returning home. How are the sisters not in jail?

Here is his Facebook page.

Wordpress blog

His non-profit organization is not a 501-C3 non-profit. It has never applied for status as a nonprofit because it does not take any donations.

Victorino Noval currently is not involved in a single litigation, but like many wealthy people, he did go to court, whereas I took the law into my own hands and just slandered them all over the internet. By the way, check out this link:

Merv Griffin did indeed once own this property. He bought the 157-acre site in 1987 from the sister of the late Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi of Iran, In 1997 he sold it to Mark Hughes of Herbalife.

Rihanna had a diamond ball there Decmeber 2014.The party was a huge hit

They put up a glass tent for the event.

The Vineyard Beverly Hills, Rihanna, party, 
Here is a video.

The Vineyard Beverly Hills from Vineyard Beverly Hills on Vimeo.

Here is a map to the exact location

Article written about the property.

Beverly Hills, the last frontier
By Meg Clifford

"After more than 30 years, the last true frontier in Beverly Hills is under development. Just blocks from the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel and moments from the world class shopping district of Rodeo Drive, the 157 acre (63.5 hectare) hilltop estate off Benedict Canyon will be transformed into the world’s most exclusive and private residential enclave. Overlooking a working vineyard, the estates, fittingly called The Vineyard Beverly Hills, are already attracting strong domestic and international interest according to Noval Development. However, it seems even the most powerful and influential leaders of the world’s stage may face some tough obstacles in their effort to secure one of only six uber-elite mountaintop residences. While living in Beverly Hills is beautiful, these 30,000 to 40,000 square foot (2787 m² - 3716 m²) estates will boast unparalleled panoramic views of Los Angeles all the way to Malibu!

Along with a 24-hour concierge service, the development will be equipped with the world’s paramount security and high-tech installations. Perhaps the most unique highlight for a residence in Beverly Hills is the working vineyard. The vineyard is to be cultivated on the estate, employing one of Napa Valley’s star vintners. The private reserve wine will be bottled in the Napa Valley and distributed to residents annually. Development President Noval explains, “we had considered landscaping the four acres, but felt this was such a great amenity — and an exceptionally rare one.”

Recently, on a typically sunny California day, I was invited by Noval to walk the site with the elite team he assembled for the development. I took the seven-minute drive from The Beverly Hills Hotel, through Benedict Canyon, up to The Vineyard with California’s eminent homebuilder to the stars John Finton, of Finton Construction, the most successful executive in the Beverly Hills real estate community Jeff Hyland, of Hilton & Hyland and landscape Starchitect Mark Rios, of Rios Clementi Hale Studios. My first reaction when we arrived was that I was facing a near impossible task having to recount what I saw and felt looking out over the city. Simply describing the views as “unparalleled panoramic views of Los Angeles all the way to the ocean” falls short of the almost “god-like” experience had by each of the privileged few who have accessed the site.

Despite being located in the prime of Beverly Hills, the land remained vacant for several decades, making The Vineyard Beverly Hills the last of its kind. Originally owned by Princess Shams, a sister of the late Shah of Iran, the property passed to the Shah himself who intended to retire in a $20 million USD palace he planned to build there. Following his death, the parcel of land was sold to American media mogul Merv Griffin in 1987, whose enthusiasm and significant financial backing had all the necessary elements for a successful development. Blueprints were drawn up for a 58,000 square foot (5388 m²) estate complete with “…a helipad, a couple of lakes, and a Palladio-style villa, like those you see outside Venice (Italy) but with a variation, because we’ll need lots of glass for the views,” announced Griffin in 1987.

Momentum for this estate quickly diminished for Griffin, whose attention diverted to his new interest in hotels after securing The Beverly Hilton just one month later, and he quietly began looking for a buyer. In 1997 he sold the land to Herbalife founder Mark Hughes for $8.5 million USD. Hughes debuted on the Los Angeles real estate scene in 1983 after his newsworthy purchase of the legendary American singer Kenny Rogers’ famed Lionsgate estate in Bel Air. Unfortunately Hughes passed before construction began on what was rumored to be a $75 million USD project, and the property became part of the Hughes trust. The land was later acquired by Noval Development, who were granted the rights to develop the land. Says Noval “The site really is the last of its kind, so we wanted to make sure that The Vineyard lived up to the extraordinary possibilities of the location.”

The Vineyard and its six residences have been contracted to Finton Construction. “What we will build — using some of the most sought after architects, designers and materials — will never be dated. It will be as timeless now as it will be in 150 years. These will be classical homes and they will be classically correct in terms of the materials, which will come from all over the world,” said Finton (, who has built homes for some of the most discerning clients such as Simon Cowell, Jennifer Lopez, Barbra Streisand and Forbes captains of industry.

These houses will be inspired by the style of a French Chateaux or a Mediterranean Villa, while taking advantage of flawless Los Angeles weather. They will reflect the perfect marriage between classic architecture and the distinctive relaxed lifestyle in California. Finton notes that in comparison to the near-by Beverly Park, “The Vineyard offers a level of security and privacy only heightened by astonishing views that cannot be matched by any other development in the city, or the country for that matter.”

Each of the six estates in The Vineyard are estimated to be priced among the most expensive new homes in the world. “The residences will be constructed to the highest quality imaginable,” said Hyland ( who will market and sell the homes in conjunction with Christie’s International Real Estate (

“Really, this is it in terms of the most exclusive estate living in America,” Noval said. “You can’t get any better in terms of the services offered, the quality of construction, architecture and design, and at the highest vantage point in Beverly Hills the view is indescribable, it’s truly magical up there.”

Construction is to be completed by 2014. For more news on The Vineyard please visit "

Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates is a wildlife rehabilitator licensed by the California Department of Fish and Game. Mary Cummins is also a licensed real estate appraiser in Los Angeles, California.

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Below is a partial list of my victims:

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10/30/1987:  CUMMINS MARY C  -  Civil

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10/23/1991 CUMMINS MARY R.   -  Civil

12/18/1991: CUMMINS MARY  - ​Mary Cummins v Catholic Church, Bishop, Daughters of America, Juliette Cummins - CONTESTED WILL(Mary Cummins filed a lawsuit to prevent the Catholic Church from receiving money willed to them by her own grandmother.

05/18/1993: MARY CUMMINS-COBB  -  Mary Cummins v Prudential Realty - Small Claims


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